a you-shaped Life

just a note on living a you-shaped life..sort of an extended meditation on ephesians 2:10 about us being His unique poems or workmanship…

this has to do with freeing people up to find the path which matches how they are really made..this requires us to know who we were formed to be, and applies to nations, individuals, churches, companies and the rest…if we don’t know who or what God formed us to be, we won’t find ourselves “doing” things which match that shape.

Psalms 139 is also a meditation on identity, which I can never get enough of..if God really is our creator, only He knows who we are, so it starts there–asking God to reveal to us who we are…what we are to do comes out of who we are…this is sort of a favorite mantra of mine—being preceeds calling. Put another way, we need to know who we are before we can figure out what we are to do.

Many people right now, are struggling to find externals which match their internals so to speak. And this is good, for God is repositioning us in shapes and linkages which are more as he intended them.

There are new levels in certain friendships, and severings in others. God wants to link us in ways which match more closely who we actually are.

Many have been pressured into positions which were not His. You see this between companies and ministries and people–and obviously between nations.

But as He becomes more incarnate, so does HIS ORDER. And this occurs on every level. As this is a year or relinking, it is also a time or re-ordering. Part of this is so what we do matches more who we are. One way this is getting named in the ministry world is life and ministry are becoming one thing. Another way is to say that everyone has a ministry.

Still another, is to say that, we are His unique workmanship with a path prepared beforehand to be our way of Life!

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