sky and earth/ christians and jews

The earth and the sky both reflect their Creator. They are not the same thing, but both were created by God, and reflect different aspects of Him.

The Jews and the Church both reflect their Creator. They also are not the same thing, but were both created by God to reflect back to Him. God likes to make Himself known, to express Himself. This is a fundamental part of who He is. We are to know and love out Source. Both The Jews and The Church have a common Source, and fit together in Him to reveal Himself and His Purposes.

Historically, The Jews and the Church have not known their proper relationship between one another. They have not seen how they fit together. Neither has seen their proper way of relating to one another from God¹s perspective. And in this blindness, both have done much to harm one another. The real tragedy in this is that we have blocked the full manifestation of God and His Purposes.

If we love God above all else, we will desire Him to be be able to reveal Himself fully through both The Jews and The Church. Our heart is for Him to be known and loved. And He has chosen a way to reveal Himself which includes both Jew and Christian.

In order for this to happen, both Christian and Jew must know who they were created to be. They then will begin to see how they fit together in the Purposes of God.

God is beginning to reveal to the church who it is. As this happens, we will begin to see who the Jews are. Knowing who we are in Him is the starting point. As we come to see who we are, we will no longer desire to lash out at one another in insecurity and hatred; for we will see how we work together in God¹s Plan. We will no longer want to conform one another into our own image, but allow the other to be confomed into His Image of them. As we help one another conform to His Image, we will be joining God, and sky and earth will sing together of Him!

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