confessing our way up the Mount

Continuing with this song of ascents…

confession which is the first step towards the mountain of God, is not really about our shortcomings. It is about Jesus!

When we confess, we are meditating on the Cross, and what Jesus did there. He both forgave us, and took power or dominion. When we confess, we are asking Him to forgive us, and then receiving his Power in that area of our lives.

In tradition, confession became a thing in itself. But it was meant to be “on the way” towards thanks and praise. It is basically positional.

Positionally we have no way to commune with God because of sin, so we must have that block removed in order to approach Him. Darkness cannot be in His realm, so we must have a way to remove that darkness in order to climb His Mount.

People don’t like to meditate on confession because we usually make it all about us rather than the Cross. But God loves for us to confess because The Son is then allowed to enter and open the way for true relating again. And the Father loves to be in relationship with us.

Since confession is the first step in ascending the Holy Hill of God, we see nearly all those close to Him constantly doing it. For what it does is apply the cross. It says that without the cross and what Jesus did, we could not enter heaven. The Cross is therefore the starting point on the journey into heaven.

But confessions also births thankfulness, and thanks gets us into the outer courts of heaven. We find ourselves thanking when we see what Jesus did and is doing both to forgive and empower us in the areas we are confessing! As we thank, we climb higher…

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