our heavenly houses

Our houses in heaven are the place where we are meant to dwell, and they reveal to us what is the domain of our authority on the earth. Our authority on earth comes from who we are with Him in heaven. It is how His Authority moves through us on earth. Jesus has all authority, but as He dwells within us, He shares His Authority through the unique shapes of our vessels. Many are not moving in their actual domain right now on earth, and therefore have little of His Authority flowing through them. We need to actually get with Him, and find out what our house in heaven looks like. What is its texture and shape, it¹s particular dimensions?

Many are beginning to let God show them who they are from His Eyes, and this is the start. For all the containers we have built on earth, and our categories of framing our lives are too small, and often just the wrong shape entirely. Once, we begin to catch a glimpse of how we look to Him, we can then go on and ask Him to show us the shape of our houses or domains above, so that we begin to move in our realm of authority on the earth.

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