confessing up the mountain of God

David gives us four areas of sin to confess from. They are interesting, as nearly all our sins fall somewhere within them. If we start by asking the Spirit to bring up any unconfessed sin in any of these areas, we may be surprised by how much house cleaning still remains. But the point isn’t cleaning house, but entering up and in…

This is from Psalm 24:3,4…

Who can ascend? David asked.

One with clean hands.

Clean hands speak of relationship sins, or areas where we have either not forgiven or have not asked for forgiveness in our relationships. It includes any areas where our relationships are not clean.

One who has a pure heart.

Pure heart speaks of inner motivational sins, or areas where our motivations are mixed are not right before God. (The Holy Spirit will search our hearts and find these for us, so we can confess them!)

One who has not lifted his soul to an idol.

This speaks of putting our own soul solutions above God’s spiritual solutions. When we come up with our own way of solving our problems rather than letting the spirit lead us, we sin. It is like the sin of rebellion which is no small matter.

And one who has not sworn deceitfully.

This one has to do with using our words as instruments of Truth, or areas our mouth has sinned.

As we let the Spirit take us through each, we are allowing the cross to cleanse us, so that we can enter the higher realms of his Life.

Jesus is the only one who has clean hands, a pure heart, hasn’t placed his own soul’s solutions above God’s, and has not spoken untruthfully. So entering through His Life is the only way in and up. This is why the cross is the starting place, and confession is our way of allowing the cross to enter us experientially. It is also the way to begin ascending…

We are then moved to thank and finally to praise, which forms us into open doors into heaven, and allows us to roam above as He leads!

All of this has nothing to do with being religious. It is more like a spiritual map of Reality, so that we begin to know how to climb up into the realms we are to draw our life from. I am exploring practical, and less mystical sounding ways of ascending into the heavenly realms. There is of course no way around the cross, nor is there around confession, because he is Approachable Light, but He is Light, so we have to know how to approach Him in Light. If we have shafts of darkness in us, which we all do, we have to know the way to have them removed in order to enter the gates of heaven.

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