We are sending out words

We are sending out words we got over the year. We had a very rich, if difficult, transformational holiday, and out of this were able to see more clearly how God is linking and relinking many parts of His Body in this coming year. It is truly a re-positioning year on every level.

The parts of our lives which The Holy Spirit did not link or form the bonds in, won’t hold this year. Many new alliances will be formed and solid new friendships. This means that certain alliances between people, nations or ministries will be severed and reformed.

While in europe, we were very aware of certain nations linking together through this EU process that God was not linking together. These won’t hold, but before they break God will allow some of the silenced nations to voice–places like Poland will have a stronger voice in europe as will other less “heard” nations.

This is also true among friendships and companies. Any bonds not formed by The Holy Spirit won’t hold!

Repositioning may also look like people being asked to move to new cities or locations or jobs, and this of course feels like insecurity, but will be used to form true security–the security of knowing that what God forms will hold!

Also interpersonally, people will be appropriately emotionally linked, and the soul and spirit parts will be reordered to better manifest Christ and His World in and through us.

The next few months may feel insecure, but this is for making solid vessels that can hold the level of outpouring God wants to release this year. Great Graces will be released from Heaven this year and He is kindly making us ready!

Blessing on your year, and we will try to get a fuller and more dimensional word out soon. To Life in Him!

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