Reading a great book by

Reading a great book by Gene Edward on ways of staying in Heaven as we live…dwelling in the secret place while you clean the toilet sort of book. He draws on three 1600’s believers and lays out some of their discoveries on how to stay in God’s Presence as we go.

Feeling this need to pass out and have practical ways of having and activating heaven access as we go about in our daily lives. As our own art is blooming and many friends are beginning to flourish and be invited into the great galleries of the world–both in the music and film scenes, I’m just more aware than ever that God is wanting to fill the earth with knowledge of Him–in every space, and He isn’t picky as so many of us have been.

The Jews have made space and time sacred, having their yearly calendar filled with festivals and feast. This makes time itself and space a place of meeting God. I really see God wanting to do this in the art world as well, as He is now in the bussiness world also (see the Josheph project out of Kansas City–wow!). God is entering every arena whether the church is ready or not, and many are being sent into intellectual, cultural and artistic venues which have not had the atmosphere of heaven present within them.

This is why I find myself more and more learning practical keys to stay living from above, for the spirit of the world seems to be what halted many in the Jesus People generation, and this same trouble could occur as God releases many to become great artist in the world, having favour on their music and art. We want to be doors to heaven for people–doors into that fellowship space between The Father and The Son, and we want out art to be participating in that grand dialogue even as it is released into the world!

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