Communion is occuring between The Father and The Son. This is the communion we enter. This has less to do with us and more with something which was ongoing from the beginning. Jesus came so that we could enter that communion. This takes the pressure off of us and our spiritual efforts, and puts it more on entry into an ongoing space between The Son and The Father.

Jesus said that He was living out that already existing communion He had with The Father and making it manifest on earth. This is the fellowship we are asked to enter. It is not based on our own abilities to be spiritual, but rather on our faith to enter that already ongoing spcae between them.

Inside us there is now this space between father and son, and this space is what we were called out into. This has nothing to do with programs or practices of religion. It is the actual stuff of the relationship between parts of God.

Lately, I’ve been asking how the church and other religious institutions got so divorced from the reality of this communion–how it became about words and numbers, and not about the actual reality of that space that Jesus made and is making manifest. There are so many contributing factors historically that to name one cause is a reduction. But what He wants of us now is to enter. Jesus is still having communion with The Father, and this is taking place within us if we have allowed Him entry, and it is from this communion that all true spiritual fruit is born.

The place of bestowal is also the place of origin. We came out of the father as a gift to the son. For we also were created by God, and therefore issue forth from Him as we allow ourselves to get caught up in their communion.

It is telling that we use the word communion to represent the ritual of breaking bread with our brethren. Telling in that that bread was to be His actual Life which is and was in communion with The Father’s, and we are saying by the ritual that we are in that communion. But are we?

This has nothing to do with religion or even practice, but rather it is only about that space between father and son and a true entering in there. Is Jesus communing with His Father in us–that is the real question which will determine the caliber of life we live on earth.

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