If we are to live

If we are to live from God’s Kingdom, we must find these keys to the kingdom in a practical way. We must know how to commune with Him in His World. Watchman Nee’s little treatise is helpful in remembering our place as seated with Christ before we stand on earth; but I think that there has entered a mystifying of the access to heaven that is unnecessary.

The Cross means that Jesus opened our access into heaven, and we have that access not as a defered gift, but one that has already come. For thought the full expression of His Kingdom on earth has not occured, His parting the veil and allowing us into His World has. SO, how…to remain in heaven and live from that place where He reigns?

Well, here is the sweet light and stringent truth of Jesus. We enter through Him, for He is the gate. His Light, His truth. His Light speaks of His Presence. brother Lawrence knew His Presence through conversation with Him as He did daily labours. for me it is to enter His Orientation towards a person or nation–to feel them as He does. For another it is just to physically bath in the felt Presence of His Spirit. There are also many ways of being touched by His Word. Amy and I read the written word out loud a lot until we feel the spirit touch it, and make it sing. But there is also the opening up and speaking out loud what I hear God impressing on my spirit. The fact is we must enter and remain in Him to do anything of worth.

But more, as the externals get darker (which they will), we must be resting in that place of refuge and communion with and in Him. We enter by His Light and His truth, and we do this in ways that are unique to each of us.

Just thinking how to practice the presence as Brother Lawrence puts it, but more specifically, how to move out from His Spiritual Reality and live from it.

If lawlessness–ie that which is against God’s order is going to increase, then there is the need to understand how to live within His Order which is to live in His World. The days of mystifying the heavens to the point that none of us feels able to get about there, are over. We must now learn to live in His Reality in order to survive!

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