“Healing” is this exhange or

“Healing” is this exhange or laying down of our own thought patterns and our own emotions in order to enter His. We must value all of God by giving to Him all of ourselves.

We often don’t think of giving Him our emotions as “emotional work is often viewed as less spiritual. But we are to come to know God’s emotions no less than His Thoughts..if we are to grow into the fulness of The Head!

All is about getting to know and love more of God which is the primary commandment, then we are able to love others with His Heart and give them His Thoughts. Both are essential in coming to know God!

To enter Paul’s affections of Christ, or fellowshiping with Him in His Sufferings, we must value His emotional Life! As we let Him empty us more and more of our own feelings and enter more and more of His, we will know what emotional healing means! Many of us need this cleaning out of our own emotional life in this hour! But our goal is to know His Emotional Life!

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