God wants us to know

God wants us to know HIS emotional life. To do this we must give Him our own. In order to enter “the affections of Christ” we must give to Him our affections. This is true also in the area of our thought life. Our goal is to know God in every area. We are to get to know God’s emtional life no less than His Thought Life. Each of us is responsible to give Him each area of our lives so that He may form Himself in us more fully!

This means we want to know God’s feelings as well as His Thoughts. Many of us value one part of God above the others. But God wants to be known in full!

This is our motivation for going through “healing” It is so that our own feelings will be more and more His. If we do not know God’s emotions we cannot fully become mature, and more than if we do not know His Thoughts.

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