Covenanting in His Order

God is not impressed with us making covenants out of our own understanding–whether these unions be between ministries or nations. To build unions from our own understanding is to rebell against His Order, and to rob Him of the opportunity of revealing Himself through the exact couplings He is kniting.

It is like a man marrying another man¹s wife, when a nation makes a covenant with another nation out of its own understanding. We must come to seek His Covenants, what He is uniting to reveal Himself.

Currently europe is involved in making a union or covenant. As far as I know no one has sought out how God wishes to unite europe. As a result what we see are false covenants which if they reveal any part of God at all, will turn out only to reveal His Redemptive nature. For yes, God does redeem things when we unite with another person out of our own understanding, but how much better to let Him do the matching, and thus reveal His full plan!

When we unite with Christ, we are uniting with both His death or sufferings, and His resurrection. This is what it means to unite with the Life of Christ. It is the same when we covenant with a person–we enter both their sufferings and their life. When I married my wife, i entered into union with both her pains and suffering, and her triumphs and victories. This is what union means–to be one with the life of the other.

So we see europe making up its own order of union right now. This will not stand, as it is not God¹s order. i believe that he will use it to allow some of the nations who have not had a voice, speak–but ultimately, we cannot make covenants out of our own understanding which will last.

This is why God told the Jews not to intermarry. It was not because all other nations were bad, for God made all the other nations. It was rather that Isael was in covenant with God Himself, and if they entered covenants with other nations they would be united to both the death and life of that other nation.

Is France really ready to be united to the life and death of germany? Are these two countries that God is uniting to reveal Himself? i don¹t think so. They both have destinies in Him, but these destinies will not be reached in covenant with one another. For this is not God¹s order!

What are God¹s couplings? Well, we must seek Him and see. i think one is England and Germany who are both to partner in fathering europe and revealing God¹s design and Order for realtionship among europe.

But my point here is that when we unite with another out of our own understanding we move outside of God¹s order.

The church is just as guilty of this as the nations in that it too has chosen its own covenants. When it does it makes what looks like a mess to God, for it does not reveal His Order. God wants to make Himself known, and has specific unions between denominations and church groups in order to do that. It is the same with the nations.

i believe that He is tired of men making up covenants from their own understanding. Yes, he honors them, for a covenant is a covenant. If i marry you God honors that. But it is not his intention and only by His Grace can he then redeem it into something that can still reveal Him.

Some of the current covenants that europe is entering are so far off from His plan that he will simply not let them stand. But before this breaking apart, he will allow the ³weaker² nations to speak and voice!

God is tired of watching us choose our own unions, and is making His choices clearer in this hour. Let us listen and obey, in order to allow him to more fully and clearly reveal Himself in who he chooses to bring together to accomplish His Purposes.

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