our new baby

well, not quite… but after a three-month labor we are relaunching thebearablelight.com tonight! We are both very excited about it, since we love to make homes, and this is our first real virtual house. For the past 3 or so months both of us have felt commissioned to write a lot, and the new site features many of the themes and pieces that we have been refining. We pray that it brings life, and life abundant to everyone who reads it, whether it is in passing or in depth. Here she is! { Lady Amy}

Sirs and Ladies…it’s a baby–no. It’s a new book–not quite. It’s a plane–sort of. Ok it’s a new web site!

It’s like making a baby, but less expensive and much less bloody, and no flourescent lights! We hope you like it, and if you don’t. We hope it still touches you. We feel like it is the start of many such birthings, publishings and proclaimations. We try to never take ourselves too seriously, but be responsible with what we are carrying. It’s like when Samuel got left with Eli, his mom didn’t know what he would become. And we don’t know what this will become, but in God’s Hands who knows! Many blessings as you read! May all of our minds and hearts keep opening more and more to the wonder of His Ways! {duke derek}

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