Over the past few years,

Over the past few years, God has been speaking to me about a new level of incarnation in His People. I have had repeated experiences of being completely centered in God Himself. He first started teaching me about this from scripture. The first image was that of the temple veil on the holy of holies being torn at Christ death. This was added to the image of His People actually BEING His living temple, so that this veil was torn open internally in us, offering us open access to this sacred space. He then taught me about what it meant to be baptized INTO His Name.

I believe that we are entering an hour when God desires to be more manifest in His People-God in man on a newer level. There is a great shifting occuring in which God is incarnated Himself in us on a newer level. We are having visions of many on this brink-some are not entering, other are.

This weekend, I again had a spiritual experience of God centering Himself within me. I believe that these experiences are getting us used to living in His Realm more and more, and living from heaven down.

His Church is a spiritual organism and is to be living firstly in the Spirit.

As this newer level of God in man increases many will come to know the atmosphere of heaven on a newer level. For as we more fully enter The Son’s Life-and this sonship phase of our collective and personal journey, we are becoming more and more accustomed to His World. This is part of the reason you see prophetic experience increasing among His People. We are learning to live in heaven in our daily lives!

No longer is this an “upper story” experience, but it is becoming more interfaced with the daily.

Many of us are being refined to have less resistance to God entering us on a new level. His Kingdom is becoming the kingdoms of this earth. And this is occuring within us.

This process began at the reformation-what He calls the “formation” (of His Son in us!). But it is being completed in our lifetimes. How exciting is this-to become His Actual dwelling places on earth!

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