Love is His whole process

Love is His whole process of taking us from infancy to spiritual adulthood. When we look at how God is parenting His People hsitorically, we see certain clear stages of spiritual development.

The one we are in requires a new level of receiving Him into us. This womblike orientation is uncomfortable for many, as it requires us to do less and BE more. This seems especially hard for those in ministry today, but it is absolutely essential if we are to allow Him to form Himself in us on the level He desires!

As Mary was with child, so we are to be with Him–letting Him grow into His Own fulness. This womb- like orientation is especially hard for men, who tend to want to do FOR God rather than let Him do through them…but apart from Him we can do nothing, so He must be IN us more fully.

We must stop doing things FOR Him, and start doing things IN Him! The first is religion, the second is life in Christ.

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