So much is shifting for

So much is shifting for us-for one much more solidity to create within-this includes community, but also protected silences where we can stare at bamboo trees rustling in night sky. Austin is a meditative space if you are a bit urban, and tolerant of things sitting in alleys for many months. i once left my car here for two years-untouched! i had most of my poems and all my visual art in it-the only place better for leaving a car if you want it undesturbed is golden gate seminary at which I left my Karma Ghia for a year (oh how I miss that car-i still have fantasies of brad driving it down, though i know it is probably long gone sold to a starbuck’s employee who is transfering to hawaii or something…). I am looking forward to the emergence of the next image-friends scattered throughout town lovingly connected in eccentric ways in and through Christ!

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