“I will not drive them

“I will not drive them out before you in one year, lest the land become desolate..” (this part has to do with God’s wisdom of wanting us to understand what he is doing and giving us only the amount we are currently able to tend) “…and the beast of the field become too numerous for you. LITTLE BY LITTLE I will drive them out from before you, until you have INCREASED and inherited the land.” This was the why that God told Moses as to why it would take time to inherit the land. It is helpful on every level of understanding why we do not have immediate and complete victory instantaneously in many areas of life. Usually it is an ongoing process. This seems to be both about understanding what we are inheriting, making us better rulers of the land He gives (internally and externally) and about the fact that we would need to know more before we have the full inheritance in order to manage it-otherwise the beast would overtake the land we are occupying.

This is not just a military metaphore here. It is rather a symbol of gradual displacement that we see in many areas of our own growth. If all victories were immediate, we would not have the wisdom to govern the new lands we occupied.

I am currently being given deeper friendships and more heavenly knowledge to tend-they are part of my goodly inheritance in Him. But if it all came at once, I would fall or be overwhelmed, or simply not get to know God in the full way that He has chosen. Gradual inheriting is wiser, and though victory is assured, we get to know the Force and Wisdom of the Victor more thouroughly by allowing Him to do it in His Way.

The Church is also being asked to occupy some new territory, but it could not handle it all at once. And God knows this, so He is releasing it gradually as the inner healing and wisdom enters which will allow her to wisely occupy His Land. Some of this new terrain is its relationship with the Jews. There is fresh revelation coming down on the church’s proper relation with the jews. But we must trust Him on the timing of its full release.

There are newer levels of unity occuring between the Body’s parts-and this is thrilling, but it is occuring a part at a time, and we must be patient wot wait on His conjoinings.

We see the pastorial parts of Christ being called out to join the apostolic and prophetic-we are experiencing this in our own journey. We also see the evangelistic parts of Christ starting to link with the prophetic-how amazing as He brings Himself together in us-to ease the pain of His Own disunion as it is expressed in the Church. This also takes time, and the healing and refinement which you now see in the church is part making a way for this newer level of unity. Let us wait upon the Lord and little by little we will see Him shining in His Fulleness!!!

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