As my wife probes deeper

As my wife probes deeper into her voice and the things the spirit has placed on her heart, I find myself probing the nations again-really trying to see them from His Eyes…

There is a need for the church to know the nations from His perspective. The American Church needs to know who America is-how God sees her, and what her role among the nations is. At this point, most churches are not aware of the destiny of the nation in which they are. You can see how a city plays a part of the role of its state, and a state of its country. Similarly, the church must raise up above solipsism, and come to catch His Overarching Vision over its nation. The church is in many ways responsible to call forth the national destiny of a land. We are to interpret our nations from the Spirit down, and help it to fulfill its Divine Mandates. America for instance is a prophetic nation which has been given resources and strength to protect and help call forth other nations. It is a haven for the nations to come into their unique roles-ie the unique parts of God that they were meant to express on earth. When Americans are sent abroad and do not know thier own nation, they falter in numerous ways. Your personal identity is connected to the nation from which you are from. If we do not know the nations, we in many ways don’t know ourselves. Just as a city must know its state, so a church must know its nation. God loves, births, and calls forth the nations unto His Son-who is the desire of the nations. The nations will be gathered. They are part of His Plan, but also they are part of getting to know who He is. For they are expression of Himself. So when we look at a nation and trace it back as an expression of God, we are getting to know The Founder, The Creator the One who is able to knit us all together and cause us to stand. Few have really written an adequate theology of the nations-it requires revelation. But when we get close to God, we find that the nations are on His Heart. He wants to teach us the nations as a way of getting to know Him and then ourselves!

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