Justice is tied to His

Justice is tied to His being righteous. Because He is righteous, He must do what is fair. If you have a child and it turns away over and over, and then you send prophets, shakings, revivals, and then your own son, and it still will not turn to you, it is fair to punish that child. In God’s case, He sends judgments also as a way to help his children see and turn. His judgement is to lead his children back to Him, and so they are merciful and fair. But His fairness is beyond ours, in that He shows mercy even when we are blind and rebelling. That is how He is. If He weren’t merciful, we would not be given so many judgments. It is good to pray that His Judgements come,so that we may turn and receive His Mercy. We deserve death, instead, He sends tremors-so we can still turn. But because He is rghteous, He cannot go on forever giving evil another chance.

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