Reading lots about justice and

Reading lots about justice and mercy. Not that interested in those parts of God before as we tend to be interested in the parts that we are naturally drawn to from our own journey; but in this season it is clear that things are getting shaken. This is most obvious in looking at Israel-front pages of everything; but also at all the refinement occuring to and in the church-you see the homosexual issue emerging and also all the sexual problems coming into the light in the catholic church. Judgement begins with the house of God, but if we don’t get this part of Him, it won’t make sense and will feel like the old, how could a just God allow so much suffering question. I am not a wise man yet, but I am starting to get how God’s judgment is mercy. I’ve been studying Esau and his spirit and looking at how many times throughout history God has offered that spirit which is jealous of the jews a chance to turn. I have also been looking at how many times He has offered His Church the option to turn-and even now all the warnings He is issuing to her…warnings such as, look, if you build your house on programs and numbers-if you borrow the world’s standards and judge your success by how many people come to your buildings rather than building on Me…if you continue to promote yourself rather than take your heavenly position with and in Me, then…

He is constantly offering chances to turn to Him. So when He releases judgment on her, it is an act of mercy to offer one more chance to turn to Him.

Justice means that it is fair after offering many many chances to turn, to punish people for rebellion. If you only look at the one moment of history, you miss the whole story, which reveals His Nature. The whole story is a series of shakings and revivals by which God was offering us a clear picture of our choices.

The “end” times are promised to be a time when both evil and good are made obviously apparent-why? So that the choice is clear. If the kingdom of this world is made apparent by being allowed to manifest, and at the same time His Kingdom is also manifesting, one can clearly choose. This is an act of mercy on His Part.

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