fresh Winds to you all!

fresh Winds to you all! Just got back from a powerful gathering of new and old prophetic friends-that part of His Body is just so intense, awake and alive-we worshiped so hard, we nearly translated! Came back full and feeling particularly conductive. Throughout America, God s placing these great reservoirs, and it is good to go and fill up-to be saturated! I got o see old friends from days in North Carolina and had so may words of life put in me. It is so good to be connected to such a mighty Stream in Him!

ANyways, we made it back to our desks, and there is much to write an release from here!

Yesterday, as I drove up from San Antonio-that healing city-God began talking to me about Austin. Telling me how original it is. That it really is an entrepreneur in Him, and He wants to bring fresh thinking and forms of design out from her. That when she is herself, she wil give things to Dallas that can o out into the nations and the rest of this country. Austin is not really a sending place, but a birthplace of originality. Artist know this and gather here. So I am excited as the churc begins to enter a spirit of reconciliation here, to watch this great harvesting which is already happening reach fruition.

But what I want to talk about is the meta-story of our journey to North Carolina.

God has asked all of us this season to be leaven in the places He has put us. God is asking us to live from who we are-not just to be relevant, but to be who we are and go into where we would naturally go and be leaven.

This conference we went to was held as a festival or feast. Rather than a traditional conference. So there was less of a division between regular life and gathering. In this way, it had a jewish feel. It was held at a fiddler’s convention ground, and as fiddlers played, we realized that God was taking back that land, by having us meet there. There was no division between life and “ministry”. God is making the church enter real life in this way,and that was exciting!

Our summer also had this sense of less of a division between our “ministry” selves and our true selves-like God wanted to use us from who we are-like getting jobs we actually enjoy,and anointing us in that.

o be leaven or salt…we still need to remain salty, so we need gatherings and times of saturation, but then He sends us back into where we are naturally drawn to be His People-not to assimilate, but to be who we are in those places.

Some are calling this a lifestyle anointing, but I would say that it is more about your ministry is your life-like He is taking off even that division between life and ministry as His kingdom becomes the kingdoms of this earth.

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