so the words of the

so the words of the week spill out like cherry wine…or an older merlot from france…they have to do with pubs and golden harps in frosted glass..they have to do with holism and newer levels of Him in Us..they have to do with giving Him room to be in us..they have to do with the shattering of religious categories of expression which hold Him in..they have to do with love everlasting ebullient eruptive flowing over and out from Him through His People onto the earth..making a way preparing a space for HIM to BE–they have to do with art as an actual metaphysical space for Him to enter..they have to do with the levites (the artist) going first before the church in to the land to occupy what once was and still is has to do with the war on for the whole person-it has to do with undividing people, making them more whole and more has to do with Him entering us-incarnation, recusitation, -saying be what I made you to be before the beginning..that path I prepared beforehand to be your way…it has to do then with more of Him being given room to move into and through more of has to do with communion on the water, and the spiritual ways of the has to do with nautical knots tied in the spirit between people..these other ways he builds his manifest Body on earth…these invisible flexible organic ways of linking we feel forming within us these days…and it has to do with trusting the hold of the knot in wind and water through the coming storms…from spirit to spirit in HIM

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