So I have a heart

So I have a heart to write a full and well rounded expression-with outilines and would be an expression of the part of God which loves to bounce forth and express Himself. the desire is to be that expression really. To become a place for Him to cut loose and lose His religion and just be! With a war on in the heavens it is my heart to be a relief space for Jesus. I wish I could do more for Him…it is like this feeling of just being able to offer myself as a space for Him to dwell-like maybey He needs a good laugh, to ride in a funny car, or to go to six nations in two weeks-just for fun.

But yesterday, with heavy clouds lurching over sheffield, and cool air on stone-with Mark Stoney’s music in the air, and friends nearby from so many seasons-I just wanted to enter that hidden place of thunder and be thankful. We are all going through so much change these days-new families being grafted in and each of us being asked what we really want-many being called out into the unfamiliar-others entering new levels of revelation of who He is…with all that, one thing is clear-we need one another, and to get to know Him in one another is a real path.

Really precious time with Jessica this week, just being so thankful for the friends He has hand chosen to accompany us on our journey. She is such a special sister-like a real sister to me…and then seeing abigail again, and remembering the caliber of people He has given us…i don’t know, we are so blessed! An international accortment of the finest of the fine!

Staying with Mark and Hannah is such a richly textured blessing for us to…we feel really served in a way neither of us is used to-and by people we really just like…it is like the newer unity level in the overall Body looks and feels like this-it feels like friendship not co-ministry.

So amazing to re-converge with the Jonesw as well-they continue to be our comrades and inspiration to continue this lifestyle-so many of us have had the privelege to journey with and around them for years, and I never take it for granted-it is so freeing to just be given permission to live out your life with Christ as yourself with no religious airs-and so funkily.

Amy and I are both hungry for austin, and she maybey more than i is road weary-her spirituality is not as mobile as mine and it is near time to return to our american base…but I feel this rich song of the summer in me today and can only hum in thankfulness. A sone of friendships deepening, and revelations quickening, of new music and good monastic wine-of overabundant communions in ragamuffin hostels along the way…and of Jesus in a time of war growing fuller in His People.

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