So how was it that

So how was it that St Patrick carried so much more of the Kingdom than most of us do now? We are meant to be the place that the heavens bend down and touch the earth..the manifesting jesus ones…overcome us with Yourself..spill into and over us..fill and make us your Grace space to be in to be in to be in us and us in You..Lover Lord King Comrade..angel of Life Jesus….how is it that Patrick moved more like an old testament prophet who moved in realms of teacher theologian visionary planter dreamer poet…are we giving YOU room to move..i want Your fullest expression on earth-come Lord IMPLANT Yourself in me…grow oh Tree of Life oh Christ Himself-where else is safe..what else is living awake ebulliently streaming…oh butterfly of Your Spirit alight right on this unseen branch within me..make me Your landing…

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