letting things die off-old patterns

letting things die off-old patterns learned in bondage..this process as He brings it up, of re-patterning. To be delivered in stages-first stage, egyptian=while completely unaware someone comes in and liberates you (while you were dead in your trespasses). At this stage you aren’t even aware that you are enslaved, and were not able to ask for help..and yet bec. of who He is…NExt phase, you do have more choice, and in fact have to go through the awkwardness of letting go the inner patterns of how you lived while under slavery-these are thought patterns as well as lifestyle patterns..this is the first part of the wilderness phase, but then I think there is another part that usually isn’t mentioned..it is when He is getting ready to take you in..it is like a quick deep purging into areas He is preparing to give you the promise. It requires trust that if you give Him old ways of being He will place the new into it…then there is the standing into and possesing the promises…..I’m just thinking about the stages of deliverance and possession again. I was struck by reading the spainish mystics that we don’t really have a tradition of naming the stages of spiritual maturation anymore, and therefore nobody knows where they are at in their own journey.

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