see with their eyes; hear

see with their eyes; hear with their ears, and understand with their heart…

I lived in California for four years, then I thought God would take me to Austin-instead He moved me to the nations..there is this whole process of being made ready to occupy the spaces of your inheritance-I thought I was ready back then-nope! I had gotten over anger at the church, but had no idea what I was called to do..I had begun to see who I was, but not what my part in His Drama was.

It seems there are stages to deliverance and possession–it is the Egypt thing-starts with getting unenslaved technically, then moves into a wilderness stage where you are having to let the patterns of being a slave pass out of you, then there is this turning towards the land-which is all about faith and getting rid of the remaining patterns which are still there from egypt which He is about to displace with the things which were intended to go there, and then there is the fight for the actual inheritance. Stages of deliverance. Sing the songs of deliverance all the way through! Let the old patterns die in the wilderness and receive the faith to believe there are new ways available, then let your old ways die-Rosemary from Germany talks of this part as exchanging your patterns or ways for His-“letting Him kill you in that area.” Then there are these little funerals as things pass-then one is able to begin to receive what God intended to go into that room of you house. I’ve been thinking of the whole lifelong processes of deliverance and possesion of the promised life in Him…

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