How He sees the overall

How He sees the overall pattern of our lives, and doesn’t judge from the particular instance-this is a father’s perspective, to watch the overall shifting or transformational patterns in individuals-this is also Brennan Mannings rich understanding of Grace Vision-Grace sees the whole persons life when it interprets today’s activities.

This year, Ai-the second city of conquest-it symbolizes friendships for us. God giving us consistent and full friendships-peopling our lives for His Pleasure.

The first city was Marriage itself and the richness of a core intimacy..we took our anniversary on the spainish coast with the community, as a symbol of coming back out of our chamber after a year and starting to let Him give us as a gift to others…sunset crimson and pale green over mediterranean aquas..sharing wine and prophecies among friends-people speaking hope into our lives and whispering His Promises–a great anniversary!

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