so rich-the pilgrimage had a

so rich-the pilgrimage had a way of facilitating a stepping back to notice patterns-patterns of HIM in a community…it seems our whole life is symbolized by pilgrimage in that it is a getting to know God as you go lifestyle-thinking much of Abraham and that way of journeying into and from the unseen-the already not yet space…we are tired but it is clear that He has formed more of Himself in each of us for having journeyed together-felt a closeness to the Jones, and others who weren’t even there-Bryce and Sam, Whitney and Brian and those He has placed within our hearts this year-also getting to know Ericka and Linnea the rich textures of His Life in them! In Joshua this journey of getting to know Him in motion as a group possesses land both within and without..this is the journey that the larger church is being called into a present-as it moves it will begin to be transformed as a mobile tabernacle for His Dwelling..

softer spots, getting to really respect more deeply shannon and really begin to see Jessica as a true leader…just to watch Him working so subtly and deeply in friends made the summer a joy for us

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