a little dittie….three areas that

a little dittie….three areas that artist folks get into trouble: cistern gazing; idolzing their own spiritual experiences; serving other gods. The first is funny cause, on one hand you by nature are obsessive about your process, but when it starts to block your vision of Him…the second is a occupational temptation as you have lots of rarefied mountaintop exchanges anyhow-but it doesn’t make you better and you really need the other “more valley” aspects of The Body-basically thisone is just pride; the last can happen subtly as you start to come under the influence of a governing spirit over a place. It happens in grad school or working for an advertizing agency etc..anytime we are using our expressive abilities to serve things other than Him…just starting to think about htis stuff as He keeps whispering about His Glory resting in our art…

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