lots of thoughts on what

lots of thoughts on what it means to be IN HIM this season, as He seems to be moving into His People more fully..to BE in Him; to BE His living temple…the whole shift from old testament to new-the shift from literal physical to spiritual metaphysical-when the veil tore, it then tears open IN us allowing us entry into the holy of Holies..this new level of incarnational reality as Leanne Payne puts it..as we start to move together and let Him integrate Himself in us..this sense of what level of living He offered His People and how shallow a depth we’ve entered….this as I’m listening to that cd of Bob Dylan which is just after He decided to enter the life of Christ…keep thinking of those days in San Francisco, the outpouring out there in the sixties..how spiritual reality became real to so many..then all these verses where He declares our metaphysical status in HIM…it seems more and more to me that it is mostly about being rooted and settled in Him-letting Jesus BE Gravity!

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