Here is a short one-perhaps

Here is a short one-perhaps boring to some, but interesting to me…somewhere along the line doctrine got separated from God, so that it became possible to talk about doctrine as separate from the Reality of God. How this happened is historical, but what it means is that we no longer reflect back into and on God when we look at a particular doctrine-so most of us are no longer interested in looking at doctrine because it feels spirituallly “uncharged” or just dead-we think of dogma or church doctrine and we see dust and old books..but if we instead start with God Himself-who He is and then trace down into particular releases of Himself in doctrine that He has allowed to be revealed over time, then we start at a place of getting to know and love Him.

I’m trying to understand how doctrine got divorced from God…so we look at say sanctification, and ask-what part of Him is reflected in this doctrine…etc-this way, study of doctrine becomes meditation on God.

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