on this path, this in

on this path, this in between // between nations…writing on a french keyboard, missing friends and hearing God whispering along the Seine…thoughts of Joshua being shown the heavenly hosts before battle…seeing this week the impending conflicts in the spirit over Paris..judgement coming to help reconnect this SYMBOLIZER nation…made to express or symbolize Him; instead it has turned its symbolic function onto other temples…the idol of self being one.

Yet as we watched the tele last night seeing how this nation interprets the other nations through aesthetic categories and really feeling His Heart to reconnect her through Him in order to let her start symbolizing from Jesus…there is a great need to step out from herself and encounter Him; and also to take what she carries into other nations who have none of the soft velvetness of this nation….the larger church body also desperately needs her artistic sophistication and symbolic understanding of His Beauty and His Nature….

each nation relects different aspects of God. France participates in His symbolic nature which has to do with His expression. God likes to express Himself beautifully and with great subltey…france is such a vessel, but is,at this stage, not connected outside itself…

Paris itself is so open to the symbolic realm that it is an easy place for power encounters. The demonic and the angelic are almost visibly present. BUT THE PEOPLE ARE NOT CORED IN cHRIST? So they know the symbolic realm, but not the Lord of it; therefore they start to symbolize lesser things< sex, the body; other spiritual beings; their own culture=many idols. their journey now needs to go towards Jesus in the mud, in the blood, in the dirt, partly to shed arrogances, but also to return the symbolic function to its Core.

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