not just sorting rationally, but

not just sorting rationally, but sorting aesthetically, the french are that part of Him which understands symbolic expression, so it seems there is even more a need to be rooted and grounded in the person of JESUS Himself.

We saw Jesus in ragged clothes beneath the bridges of Paris

We saw Him in black hanging from pont de neuf bridge

will this people shed comforts and nuances to come to Him….

the One in dirt, blood and in love

Judgement is already over Paris!

there will be windows as the skies shed off oppressors through which her people

will see His Face…..but there will be great dark rains and rough chopped waters, and people will have to respond to Jesus.

(had a dream this morning:

I was speaking to a group of men. I was opening the Bible. It became like water three dimensional and His Face appeared. His Mouth began to speak directly to the group…)

interpretation: the Word must become flesh here in france and dwell among the people. their journey will take them to a direct confrontation with the forces they are currently under, in order to find and meet with Jesus Himself, then they can return to their function as symbolizers, but connected to that to which they are to symbolize ie Jesus and His World!!

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