To know where we are

To know where we are at right now. He wants us to know-not to be ignorant as to our location. The book of Joshua provides a spiritual map for now. He is letting us know where we are!! We need to find where we are individually in His Vision. Some are at the edge of the jordan being asked to put the soles of their feet into the water (the soles are vulnerable)-these may feel they are standing alone now, as the general Body is back about 3000 feet waiting for the moving of the ark of the covenant and working to be unified. The general Body in this hour is being judged and refined in order to be unified. Those in the front are being asked to enter the land. These levites just as in the old testament have different roles-some carry the ark, some are to go in and be themselves in this hour and occupy space in the world which was occupied by the enemy. Many of these are artist and prophets being stirred to step right now, and fellowship with His Suffering in feeling misunderstood. But Heaven Sees! Place yourself on His Map.

For many of the ones in front, He is doing deep identity work in order to have all of them-places still looking to others rather than Him for affirmation. But these need vision as to their location in His Plan. The book of Joshua provides a spiritual map for the current moves of God. Finding out where we are is basic to standing.

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