Joshua teaches the order. Prophet

Joshua teaches the order. Prophet gets overall blueprint-goes between general Body and specialist priest. Everyone under the command of The Captain of The Heavenly Host! Partnering with God in order to get to know Him, in watching Him take land-in order both to teach us, and to judge and refine.

It has nothing to do with leadership qualifications-God chooses whomever He wants, and reveals as He wishes His Plans. In America, “leadeship qualities” have been overemphasized. God forms leaders. A leader is someone who comes in alignment with what Heaven is doing.

There were many books after 9-11 on leadership. God is looking for those who will yield. Joshua was a good leader bec. he saw what was above, and realized then what he was participating in.

Leadership to Me is not what it is on earth. God is The Leader. Men partner with Him. the degree of authority has to do with the degree God can trust you that you will come into alignmetn with what He is up to. This has nothing to do with what qualities in you that you have developed. It is about yieldedness.

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