The main bit of the

The main bit of the overall image for this season is this calling forth of the Levites and Judahites carrying the ark of His Presence into world spaces. The demonic has already begun to tremble at the Presence of His Ark-which is Jesus Himself Manifest. These are the ones who are both to BE and to BUILD places of His dwelling-some of these “places” are made of music and art-no longer will art be merely decorative, but will become more a part of the very structure itself-the walls for His Dwelling. The arts were never to be separate from Him. And in this season, they will once again become a place (or space) for Him to dwell. Not just to decorate worship services, but as art and life blends, the arts will become part of these tabernacles of His Dwelling. We are both to BE and to BUILD tabernacle in this season.

And those levites adn judahites are to go in first-being courageous-and begin now to carve the way, preparing a way for the general Body to enter.

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