There are many ways to

There are many ways to read the Bible-playing with reading it from The Fathers perspecetive is one, another is to see each book as a meditation on a part of God. Joshua is about His being true to His Word, but it is also about His intense desire to be known and to relate. God is relational. He wants to know us. Since everything issues forth from The Father, we can see each part of the stories of scripture as reflections of Him. Here He is a just conqueror, but also He is the one trying to make relationship with humanity including these nations and tribes He was judging. It is not just about His love for the jews here, it is about his desire to refine them into a position through which He can be known by all nations and tribes.

I often read for Rhema-for a fresh personal application, but lately I’m finding it also fun to look at it from The Father’s perspective-like what in Him was He trying to express in this book. So the Rhema of Joshua is that it is a spiritual map for right now with pretty obvious parallels, but there is also how the book reflects Him Himself-His desire to teach and be known, His Desire to partner with us in His Work, His Verity, and more loudly in Joshua-His Power. He is worthy to be mused on! Consider His Ways…

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