this log is for shannon

this log is for shannon who has inspired us to reenter the blogstream after some time of floating in other media. Funny thing is we feel really close to her even though we are at least 9000 miles apart (not sure what that is in Kilometers-a lot!). Texas itself accounts for over half of those miles. Anyhow, she says its hot there-still we miss Whitney and Brian, and that particular way that things stick to one another in Austin. But we actually are in our third spring now here in Prague, and it is lovely if a bit pollinated. Sunday we got to hang all day with The Jones, and it is just generally nice to be back with your own “kind” (kind of what I am not sure). For some odd reason we all click. Took samuel up to Berlin last weekend and actually had a blast-met a guy who looked identical to Tim Robbins (eerie), and really felt like stars ourselves for most of the trip. Amy found an amazing hot pink hat and then met the girl who designed it and had a nice talk. We were in flow. I keep watching all this organic flow and think we aren’t accomplishing anything and then God shows me how there are now invisible bridges to key spots all over Berlin, and over in England and it is all just friendship-what a blast.

Hard part? being only partly involved in many special peoples lives. Great part? being able to touch so many of the most special people on earth.

I’m getting to know the Father currently, and am overwhelmed with Him. He is showing me things I have never seen or considered, and that excites me, as I like to constantly be moving to the next phase with Him and with life. i tell you though-speaking of Texas-the best part of that whole wabusabish thing for me was seeing Dave Robinson-made me want to move out there again and almost settle down-love that guy.

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