Got to get back to

Got to get back to this levite stuff. So the order when it was time to cross over the Jordan in the book of Joshua-was Levites, then Judahites. The priestly ones, and then the worship into warfare ones. The general body was further back and could not cross until the Ark and the music had already stirred into Canaan. There is a big danger at present that the church not knowing who the Levites are and the order of His current movement will block the levites and judahites from entering and preparing the land-not from fear but from lack of vision. Many are feeling called or stirred to cross over-for many that would just mean being who they are..opening galleries making their art-in basic being a place for Jesus to be-tabernacles. But without the permission of the Joshuas or the general body the enemy can move in to keep them from boldly crossing over. It is time-that is not the question. But people need to know who they are, and GO! The levites are not worship leaders-their roles are unique in what He is doing.

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