Just back from Berlin-very funky

Just back from Berlin-very funky alive electric trip there. Saw Kerstin-our lovely German publisher/dreamer friend, and had six hour hair cuts in the hottest retro hospital hair den in europe-very cool. The conversation in Berlin is the one I move towards. Went to a show with thirteen young designers at Dock 11-two djs and lots of cheese-just a nice scene-we felt at home. Long talk with Rosemary who is my very favorite Bible teacher on the planet, and has the kind of authority that comes only after many deaths to self. Her book on Covenant (of which I think I have the only copy in English so far) is my second favorite book ever-it has a Jewish mystical perspective and somehow manages to still be very down to earth. ANyways many enriching conversation. Took us a bit to feel like our soul had arrived in europe (the Jews say it takes three days for the soul to catch up with the spirit, but it feels longer).

I am working on a short piece on the last five or so metaphores that God has dropped down on the church to try and teach it what He is up to. Starting with the ones back in the 70’s-athletic, business. military–then out into the cellular then house, celebration, and now I feel a newer one: it is Christ as Gravity. It’s still coming but I’m getting excited! It is a more metaphysical one and has energy language around it, but it is about BEING in Him-evangelism as Him pulling things towards and into Himself-the “practice” would then be to abide! More coming-d

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