Fighting religious spirit. Religious spirit

Fighting religious spirit. Religious spirit is primarily about trying to gain approval from God by doing religious activities. That first and then also needing the validation of men more than God. It is a mixture of pride and fear that keeps it active-fear that we won’t win His approval, and pride that we could outside The Cross. The fact is approval was won by Jesus, and our activities are overflow of thanks for that. But He is killing off parts of us all that still need tha approval of man, or are still trying to win our way into heaven by our funny and odd works. The thing is it is so easy to get caught in judging-I mean that spirit judges, and tries to get us to judge back–turn immediately to God and ask Him if you need to repent; then ask Him to show up and paint that thing red-like to show a clear and obvious line between what if of Him and what is religion; then bless those who curse you. For some reason we need to knwo how to fight this thing as we step out into this next next.

It’s so amazing as things rumble to watch all this stuff fall off-so it can just be about Him!!

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