So somewhere along the line

So somewhere along the line we forgot something. All missions work was a means to get to know God. We read yesterday of this fellow who lived his life among a village and converted noone but just lived a life unto Christ there-this way of living out your relationship with God wherever He puts you. The inner motivation is the thing. Why are you doing a meeting or a trip or buying a car-it has to be to get to know God-that is the inner core key motivation. Anything less-like the need to look valid before others, or to feel secure, or to win God’s approval..anything else will fall away.

We were reading yesterday about that time that David was bringing the ark up to Jerusalem. Everything had to fall off those guys-all religion-for them to get that ark there. He killed two men for trying to handle the ark. But also that wooden cart (which was religion-like trying to use the Presence of God in our way) that they put this thing which represented Christ on-this is HIM HIMSELF what right do we have to wheel Him into His Own City on a wooden cart!! Amen-can I get a witness?! I’m goona go get my white tall hat and preach–Lord help us!!

So back to missions-when did it become about having it all together and then going to another land and telling them. When did it stop primarily be about getting to know and love God? If you go and live out your relationship with God in another land-you are missioning. Sometimes that part of Jesus which is evangelizing shows up and we get to witness Him drawing others to Himself, but that is overflow it comes out of us staying in our relationship with Him. Missions is overflow!

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