last night vision of Tony

last night vision of Tony Blair being allured by false glory-like a false royal enticement. I was reminded again of the collective identities of nations-how God sees a nation as a person and that the nation you are a apart of relates to your calling and identity. So England has a royal parenting thing-which of course the enemy took and used as colonialism etc-the shadows are apparent, but is the core identity? Does England for instance know how God the Father names it? If not how can it move in it’s authority? Pieter Bos writes, “We need to know who we corporately are in Christ, as a nation, in order to participate effectively in these spiritual dynamics.” God loves nations. All the nations are the Son’s inheritance who is called the Desire of all Nations. When you start to move in His Heart, you start to feel His concern with nations-He wants them to know who they are, and what gift they bring. Each nation has an identity above and therefore an authority domain below-few are standing in their proper authority spiritually.

anyways what we saw:

a great storm coming over England

We saw it start in the North-many things-traditions-would shake

leadership would shake…but this would cause the true church to enter Him more deeply//all that is not of and in Him will be caused to fall off! Any part of identity which is not actually grounded in Christ will get killed.

>there were also celtic forms of being in Him which emerged during the shaking

this seemed to have to do with houses linked, and community based Christianity

a great refinement on His Church so that it could really be a place of His Peace in the midst of turmoil

I think the refining warfare has already begun among his People, but it seems it will get much worse

before it gets better………a way of placing our identities more completely in HIM!!

Yesterday, Amy saw a british flag fallen with stones on it-the owner was fixing the base that the flag stood within. It was as if they flag’s stand needed to be made more secure at the base-still it was hard to watch your friend’s flag down!

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