God is before He does.

God is before He does. Relationship preceeds… So Jesus hangs out with The Father for beyond a million years before He goes and does something for Him! Consecration-the process of coming to know who you are in Heaven; comes before commissioning-going and doing something on earth. You have to know and love the father before you even have a motivation for doing things for Him! Otherwise you’ll leave early. jesus loved the father first-the first commandment is to know and love God..the rest follows that. teh church is busy-very busy doing without first being with Him-it’s missed the first commandment, but also it has missed a way of G-d-that He wants us to know Him before we do anything for Him-He wants to be known.

So do people know who they are in Heaven? That’s where your authority is-knowing who you are with Him, then you are sent out on earth to do things out of that relationship-all ministry is overflow from that relationship with The Father.

Many people are about to be called to sit.

Many people who have been a doin are gunna be asked to start a bein.

the church as a whole needs to know who it is in Heaven (amen brother rolloff!!)

and i tell you another thing…..people who don’t know who they is up there are causin a mess down here

cause them swords work people-i tell ya–but if you ain’t in alignment with The Man and you hurling around weaponry..


so today we finally are getting back to our thing here in austin-demons hate us and Jesus loves us-nothing has changed. We got hammered on the way out of Cincinatti by a bunch of nasty judgemental control shit coming off some church or another-so the more i live from my heavenly identity the more often that happens-whatever is not in Him gets stirred-often it is fear and control-especially in churches. So we are just these little benjamites roaming around in between…the more in His Name the more they hate you—man, He is good!

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