so we suck everyone for

so we suck everyone for not keeping up on this blogging thing–we lost our minds for several weeks of christmas and have no excuse–we are still in love with everyone–i personally feel love right now for abigail, mal, jen, ant, bea, andy, mark stoney, that guy in the butcher shop across from st. Thomas, mal’s three kids, andrew jones and debbie, julien and her husband who i already love, randy colby, hillary and john stark, jessica (here in austin!), john benjamin and jocob out on the west coast-dave robinson who i miss more than my dukedom, debbie wheeler, lisa rodrigues and matthew her man, emily jacobson my jewish friend who lives in new mexico that i went to art therapy school with and who has a house just near the railyard up there which i hope to visit with my wife soon-so that a christian jew and jewish christian can meet in the orchard!…so this is my personal confession–i am a clown in heaven and a roamer..and on earth i am often lame for not telling my friends where i am and how to yell at me-please do…good to talk with randy this week in LA-i love him so much like the brother i didn’t get-also saw allen on his motorcylcle with his goggles and funky short fro cap..chased him and caught him-will call soon-allen of allen- friends of brian and whitney who just had a baby and are becoming closer although we have been so lame that we haven’t seen them since christmas aside from in the Spirit…samuel also my young bro in prague-no esso run for two months is killing me…living on two continents and then within the separate country of Texas is surreal but matches my passion to get to have been Phil Collins that year when he played in both shows one in US the other in Europe-it stuck in me for life-to live in many places at once–to scout to roam to dream out loud…..

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