Big texas spaciousness-sky country, the

Big texas spaciousness-sky country, the word grandeur. god Himself enjoying being big.

Coffee granced conversation..amy and i-my wife and I dreaming in Him together again. Long lapses of silence.

Holidays peoples faces-so many structures created by man…then His Ways again-GOLD-how he is..His reasons for

actions-the rivulets of His Patterns. And as I sit at a french style starbucks-rod iron worked railing and long texas breezes-early undertone of spring warmth-coming harvest winds…as i sit, getting this part of Him as a or the motivation for arting–He likes to reveal Himself. It isn’t about self expression for its own sake at all! God Himself likes to reveal Himself, to make Himself known-it is a pleasure for G-d to get to express Himself through His creatures. we are His poems-His poesias. Each one unbonded to be in Him a unique reflection of how He is.

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