First impressions for this coming year….

Quick words over this coming year:
(I try to do this annually—seek some general words over the coming year!)

Re-align—align again for efficiency and rapid growth year.

Look for new relationships or allainces, as well as deepening certain older ones. Meaningful collaborations coming this year. Look to partner with the right things, in Wisdom.

Year of alignments! Year of re-alignment. Year of new and older alignments! What are you aligned with? Who are you aligned with-internally and relationally? What is true gravity in your life. Arrange things around that center, and let other unaligned things fall off, or be shaved off. Get ready for swift winds forward….for some, this will be a year of re-alignment; for others of sheer alignment and swiftly moving forth in life.

Aligning things this year, so they can move forward efficiently, in love and wisdom. This past year, was a year of loss; this coming one of alignment, into swift gains in life. Get things in order so they can sail well on the coming Winds!

This coming year is one of moving forward in proper alliances. Some are prepared, others not. But there is an opportunity for great strides forwards, as we re-align with His Purposes, which will be made known.

Re-alignment doesn’t have to be painful, if we are yielded to it. Be improvisational this year—open to the unexpected, with God and He will surprise you with what you end up dancing into!

Many have been humbled through grief, and so are readied to be used for great change and impact. Many dreams will start to touch down on earth this year. One’s you forgot you had will be revived and start to incarnate. It’s an exciting new year!

Not boring. Much was shaved off, much will now grow. Many mantels will be restored to their owners. Many retrieved which have not been used recently.
Year to soar, if aligned with the winds.

A year to be born, not to die. Go where there is birthing in your own life, and around you. Look for new birth, things emerging into Life, and look in odd places.

A year to birth new projects, and allow others which aren’t fruitful to pass.

Year of actual new births—many children and fruitfulness. Children already called for such a time as this. Living breathing signs of hope! Praise God year. Thankful for His faithfulness year. Overt God moves year. Tangible Presence year. Open heaven year. easy access to the spiritual realm year. Incarnate hope year.

As we are willing to re-align with His true callings on us, we will see sudden fruit! Sudden fruitfulness, some in the areas of projects and people we didn’t expect.

Year of unexpected blessings. Look to odd places, unexpected growth. Unexpected blooming! God is being creative this year. Not unpredictable, but creative. So think outside normal scenarios or boxes; expect the unexpected while in collaboration with Christ this year.

He wants to create new frames, new ways of moving in Him, and naming things. Time for the interpreters who are poetic and linguistically fluid. God is talking this year in new cadences and ways, new rhythms and phrases—once aligned, look towards the unexpected collaborative spaces with Him. Notice who He brings to your doorstep as well, and take them fully in.

Year of re-alignment; year of friendship, and greater intimacy with Him; year of creativity on God’s part with those who are yielded. Year of incarnate hope! Year of not yearning, but knowing.

Blessed are we who are awake to His Spirit. This year, for those bent, is a year of remarkable blooming. Ecstatic sudden unexpected growth through proper alliances.

I’m excited for this coming year in us as well. Some of our own spiritualities are going to rapidly move forward in formation in Him. He wants to incarnate more deeply in His People who are willing this year. Be open to dreams and visions or other intense direct forms of spiritual communication. Babes will prophecy this year.

And like John the baptist be anointed or filled with the Spirit from birth, even in the womb. These are signs of hope, after a hard season.

Look for entirely new forms of church as well. Not just new wineskins, but new types of skins!

Find where the cloud of His Presence is, even if weird, and dwell there. Align with it, and move swiftly forward in The Father’s Love and Knowing, and incarnation into it (personally and collectively, depending on which He is working on with you)….this year rocks! And offers great opportunity for personal and collective spiritual movements and growth forwards! GO where He is moving, and become and bloom there! Follow the cloud and the fire in old school language. Do so, both in your own life and outside yourself. He is wanting to collaborate with His people in new creations this year!

So quick year of re-alignment year.
Incarnation of dreams year.
Finding proper partners and alliances year.
Many new blessed or anointed births year.
Unexpected bloomings year.
Year of fluidity, for those who are willing to be fluid with and in Him.
Incarnate Hope year.
New frames of communication year.
Year of Hope, year of God’s creative collaborations with those yielded year.

Peace, and ecstatic hope forward friends, on your years; more soon.God is ready, so are we! I’m excited about this spiritual year. God is still Good! And waiting to collaborate with those open and willing! Let’s be those people!
(Also watch the earth for signs this year! God is speaking through nature in overt ways this year—actual signs and wonders. Watch for them!)

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