Raw prophecies for europe in response to a friend’s request

Hey my brother and those considering true spiritual transformation for Europe! Yes, i have been seeking on this. Here’s a quick but long first response. Been busy counseling folks through all this turbulence locally, so haven’t had time to properly respond. But my heart is on it bro. Sorry to offer a raw unedited version, but just wanted to respond friend.
Sorry not to join in this conversation sooner, been feeling like flash gordon recently, scanning the globe considering and seeing what He is up to. So here are a few raw notes from prayer this past few months:
I see a strong movement of God coming in southern europe, and as the actual division in terms of europe’s identity is really north south, not unlike north america. I think the fire will come from the south, but it must be lit well. There is of course, also the scandanavian and scotttish mystical sight which is preceding this movement. Many are watching what God wants to do from the north, but they are not equipped to incarnate it yet. There are mind strongholds, which have to begin to be released firstly from the heart, which is carried in central and southern europe.
The seers are watching, but there are many unoccupied watch towers there. Often, i go sit in abandoned towers up there, just so He has some eyes to partner with. Sweden is one place i often go in the spirit and just sit with Him, and look down on europe. There are still many sins to be confessed in and by europe, but many are also awakening to their priestly tasks!
Regardless, yes, i think the physical incarnation movement begins in the south, but there are more organizational struggles. Visceral blocks. Body oriented visceral cultures require the mind to be activated as well. Yet, we always have to look for the good soil seasonally! Where His Word can actually get planted, and then how to do so.
So calling it forth makes sense. Typically southern regions struggle more with lower body issues symbolically—that is carnality etc. And yet, just as Africa is being called into leadership positions in europe, so southern europe is being called to lead the preparation for the return of His Glory to Europe. I see a pearl necklace of fire across southern europe—i see early deposit spaces being re-activated! I see unlikely places like Nice and Marsaille particularly, and Lyon also has a coming revival through the arts….
On the practical, i think Madrid could work, i can also see involving the Basque peoples as there is a stirring there for a larger context for identity….
In general, there are many abandoned seats of authority of thrones across southern europe, and it would be valuable to activate them mainly through prayer and worship, which is already happening, even through the many prayer movements happenings, and even within the catholic church—the parts which started receiving the Holy Spirit during the charismatic revivals in the 70’s.
There is lots to prepare about europe’s highways, but I’m with you, i do believe it begins in the southern regions. Yet, there is deeply entrenched paganism among other things. Yet, it’s less cynical, so when The Real God shows up, there is more receptivity even in the new age or Vedic communities or mindsets.
I’ve been seeing a massive movement of heart happening and being prepared to ignite in southern europe for at least the past ten years. It could be time to ignite the spark, as you say. A movement of the heart is essential to prepare the way for His Way!
I think grounding in the Word is also important. Many have amnesia to The Word. And often there needs to be resuscitation of the mind and body for this to happen. Hence, physical calamities and things that wake us up to true morality. How we treat our neighbors daily.
As we lived in the north for many years. They have more of the echo of the Word, or the Kingdom values. Yet the heart unrest in the southern parts—some economically motivated as in Greece etc, makes it a readied region.
When youth are in unrest, there is opportunity for the True Peace and His Power to enter, as well as false doctrines as well. I do think there is something about this new re-formation being a youth movement, at least at first—but not just youth, also the marginalized—for as you can see, God is discipling europe partly through the refugees. Testing her character and calling her forth into action. Seeing her moral pulse so to speak. I think Germany is doing well, and a few other countries, but it is also making it clear who is morally asleep.
I often in prayer will switch back and forth from way up north—Norway, Denmark etc, to far south, in terms of how He is strategizing and integrated approach to bringing His true Kingdom back into european soil.
I also recently had an intense vision of Him pouring out healing onto her rivers. I saw particular outpouring over specific rivers of Europe. This one was powerful. The rivers had to be confessed over, and the deaths cleaned out. But that baptisms of new believers, in the rivers would help clear the waters. I saw these taking place at the gates of the major cities of europe—like just outside the city limits, but flowing into them to bring healing and clarity.
I think the gates of cities like Prague, Budapest etc, need to and are getting cleared with His Healing presence, for His future Purposes. There, of course, is a returning glory which will flow back over Europe towards the East. But she must be prepared, healed, so she can parent the movement of God, which will ignite not only europe, but, just as she held the parental mantel for many years, she will again be allowed to do so, but in much greater (pre-enlightenment) HUMILITY. Her humility must come first, so she is able to be an elder again!
I see this starting also in England, and I do think it’s helpful to look at leadership nations. If they humble themselves, it makes things easier. There are many “victim nations” in europe, who are receptive but may not be able to lead a true ushering in….Sort of how Czech Republic is a Song of Solomon nation, whereas Germany, is more a Judah nation with unique leadership challenges for the whole of Europe. You know you get this when you teach in each nation—for one God is fragrance, for another, He is Fathery and talking justice—as in Berlin for me this year. He has individual relationships with each nation.
So in considering Spain for hosting an ignition fire—She is a woman, and could be a true Queen again, but I do think it is important to consider the identity of each nation when starting a fire.
If, for instance, i start a fire in Berlin, it immediately goes global—even on the internet. Whereas, if I start one in Croatia it usually only makes local news. Each nations has it’s own mantel. Always good to remember.
That vision of Him pouring healing into the rivers of Europe, concerned more of central europe, but the idea of effecting the heart of europe and preparing her.
Seems though like the actual fire would come from the southern regions, and be properly linked. I was seeing italy, croatia and some unlikely nations as part of the sequence of ignition. It was lit sequentially, like a grill or series of fires. And it mattered what was lit firstly. The sequence of ignitions mattered, if that makes sense.
So having wisdom where the master or “pilot light” was on the grill mattered. I would seek that. It could be in Espana, but also consider which direction He wants to light it from. Is it east to west, or vice versa! I often hear—that europe in general, needs to “look to the east.” There are many meaning to that, but a simple one is to calibrate themselves in relation to the what God is doing towards the east—in their case, that would mean the “middle east”. Of course, all the racial issues which are everywhere now overt, are symbolized most clearly in that region.
Anyways, more soon; but just wanted to share a bit to let you know, I’m on it, and considering your questions my dear brother. More soon, brother Derek.
Just felt like sharing some unrefined notes…but always on Europe in the Spirit—as He put His Heart deeply in me for her, and it’s never let go. Let’s stay in touch about all this….I pray more than weekly for this region of the world, even in the midst of tumult in the other nations. Many blessings friends….as we each do our parts to usher in His Amazing Kingdom! I can’t wait to see His Kingdom come!

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