How forgiveness works in us!

How true healing works:
How to begin healing: true healing begins with forgiveness. “We have to visit the Cross often for our own sins and the others who have sinned against us” as one minister put it. We have to be little mini-priest, even within ourselves in order to move forward in life.
That’s the basic practice: confession, into forgiveness, into thanks and perforce, by necessity from vision, into praise. That is the pattern of healing and reconciliation. I’ve studied the healing process for years in therapy and counseling, it always starts with realizing your weak and wrong, and in need of a Higher help (the basics in AA for instance), and then forgiving others for their poor actions against you.
We really can’t even grieve until we confess and forgive others. It’s a basic way towards wholeness.
Reading an article today, again about the healing process…
One way to start healing is to start forgiving! This is true between family members and nations. Reading this today, made me think again on the practicals of healing-forgiveness begins the process, for it makes room in us, for God to come in and dwell, and form something where anger and hurt dwelt before.
Anger is a door on hurt–both can be removed by forgiveness and grieving–letting yourself feel the pain there, “while sitting with Christ.”
It’s a spiritual law about being human-if we want to heal, we have to forgive.
Anyway, here’s the quote i liked from Leanne Payne again in a section of her book. “Restoring the Soul; completion in Christ through healing” (great book, insightful about what it means to be a human). This section was entitled, Failure to forgive Due to Being Out of Touch with One’s Heart.
“In this day when people’s heads are so out of touch with their hearts. many have unforgiveness and do not realize it until, in prayer for healing the Holy Spirit reveals it.
Often when praying with such persons, I find that a memory of abusive or abnormal behavior by another will come up. The person will not know he needs to forgive the offender. I will have to say, “You must confess this as a sin against you, and you must name it specifically for the sin that it is, and then, before God, extend forgiveness to the offender. The specific naming of the sin and of the offender is important. Tis is no abstract transaction, but a very real dealing before and with our God.” (Restoration of the Christian Soul, pg. 83) Good to recall the power of forgiveness in healing! It’s the starting point really. Been thinking about what healing really is, and how it begins. Once out of denial of our pains (i.e. once we own our own suffering), forgiveness seems to be the first step.
This is true between genders, generations and nations! The basic principles of the Cross haven’t changed. Nice to be reminded today in study! We can’t avoid forgiveness in the healing journey. It’s not a popular subject, but a needed one.

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