Prayer scanning over Europe this week!

This week, I’m practicing prophesying over the nations-mainly Europe- again (just some notes to fill in later, take what hits your heart and spirit! Still, downloading; excuse the all over the place-ness of this entry-I have spiritual attention span deficit! I’m just roving over Europe this week in His Spirit!)

Little word over Paris in prayer:
Oh Paris, I want to speak over your fountains for purity. That a stirring is already starting in them, which will purify your public parks and places of meeting. That conversations will then suddenly turn to God and His ways through The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will waft out through this poetic city and purify its dormant plagues. I will turn their hearts towards service again, especially serving the poor and downtrodden. Many will be lead to fight poverty in this city, the nation and Africa and the middle east. A pure heart for justice and human dignity will be restored.

Confess first your sins to Me. Confess and heal from where you were raped and in return shut down your heart towards others, became insular, exclusive and proud in your own beauty; relying not on the Source of all beauty, but were made an idol of your own self and elegance or wit even. These skills were meant to bless others. Take down, take away your mirrors, and turn them outwards as you open your gorgeous heart to Me, Your True God, The Great Artist of all beauty and kindness. Then, I will heal her, and she will shine in tremendous glory, as she serves the nations.

Paris you were a poem i made about myself one day. If you turn, i will cause your heart and glory to return, and you will once again hypnotize people with your visual intelligence and awareness, but in true service. As you humble yourself, your streets will be perfumed again with the fragrance of my presence meant to attract people to Me. You are the perfume I wear when going out. I will make you sweet again with complexity and balance-enough to attract a whole continent of people to your restored caring heart.

You are also Europe’s older sister, so as you are restored, the whole family will be cared for by your beauty and graciousness. And you will no longer be called alone. You will dance with kings again, but not in resentment, but as an adorned, truly seen and adored one. Be frank with me, you are not trusting me enough yet. You have not torn your skin in crying for others in years. But your heart will know a caring justice again. Care for the poor again, and you will discern your true king. And be given your wedding clothes again so all can see how breathtaking you really are. Share your beauty freely to all those in need, it is a gift from Me. You carry the glory of a woman ready to suffer for others!

Norway I see you, strategic prophetic mystic. Here I come. Put up your sails for winds of knowledge, sight and strategic vision are coming from Me.

Scandinavia, in general, prepare for revival. You are one of the hopes for europe as well as Africa. Africans will come into leadership in many sectors on the main continent of europe, including my church and give back to their spiritual parents without bitterness, but in depth of heart, resuscitating europe’s heart.

But be a look out for europe Scandinavia—pray that her heart will turn in just the right time to be revived! Watch over her from your position of rarefied cloud like sheer vision. Watch for Me and I will misty wave over you at night, and turn the night into all day Days. Depressions will be broken by more light!

In Scandinavia, Watch for miracles which are not demonic in nature. Learn to discern the difference between the demonic and The Holy Spirit’s signs. Watch and listen for a tone of kindness in the miraculous-gentleness, the fruits of His Spirit accompany true miraculous events. This in order to discern from the demonic stunts, sorcery and the false magics which are now still very present on your lands. Do not worship the earth or technology, but the maker of the earth, and the one who made you in His Image so you could create technology. Meet Him in Silence, seer friend.

Central europe: character is formed in the furnace of conflict. Suffer well and keep your heart open, or open it again, past fear of victimization or fear of rape. You will be my heart, once your’s awakes. Do not fear false authority, move in and receive His True Authority, and you will be firmly established as a great place of holy dialogue again. You will be my levites and scribes, noting the grandeur of My Convergences and conversations with humanity. And I will polish your gold to cause you to shine again even brighter than at your own historical bests. Thanks for keeping the books and prophecies of my visionaries. For preserving My words through man. You are a truth teller and preserver. Now I will give you even higher things to write down in gold and blue inks. Royalty will be restored, as you return to the Royal King, who woos you again, and your glory will be re-shined and seen by many peoples as a sign to all, her King has come upon her again.

Borders of europe, towards the “middle east”-really center globe- be bold, your loving filtering will winnow, hollow-remove the weights of many, you will welcome many of millions of those seeking asylum or in need. As they come to you, dross will be blown off. Stay true and faithful in His Strength. Who has seen the Arm of God! Bear witness to the many being purified in their hearts as they pass through your gates, and be purified and strengthened by their courage and clarity which comes in displacement and through suffering. Oh strength of My strength. Stay firm and tender of heart, bear hearted ones. You will be called mighty ones in My lands. So throw off in His Strength your fear and hatred of others—other ethnicities, religious and cultural backgrounds..for many are coming to your gates seeking His Life, and a new life for themselves. Do not turn them away.

Israel, daughter of my own. Come to me, turn from your own strength to Mine, and I will call you favorite again. Stop relying on yourself and your own armies to guard your borders, rather allow Me, Your God to establish the pleasant lines of your inheritance again.

Do not hate others in your midst. What is in your womb will flourish if not rejected. For your womb is Mine.

back to europe:
Finland, again, revival! You will be a first if…you turn more fully to Me alone.

Overall, be looking towards the east, europe—your hope and refinements come from that direction; even as glory washes back over you from the west heading eastwards,
once you are prepared. And suffer not your children to come back to you bringing forgiveness and passion for you. Relieving your guilt, and thanking you for your gifts—receive your children already coming to you, oh destined parent. I will allow you to bear fruit again in your old age, and it will astonish, even yourselves again. Be welcoming, be great in hospitality. Many strangers will come to bless not to curse.

Do not fear. They are not poison but a needed nutrient for your hearts. Be in a hosting welcoming mood again so you may be named among My friends again oh europe, mother of many inventions, concerned grandmother of our times, turn more fully all entirely over to me. Let me heal as you confess your sins and grieve your hurts. Let me in again and I will call you My friend. Whoever welcomes will know this to be so.

There will be a golden torch lit in Russia for all her poor to turn and know and see and believe and receive My Glory, no other types of glory matter. And true leadership can learn to be in My Service serving again. She must learn servanthood leadership, or there will be a split between people and her power. The hearts of the fathers must be turned to the sons and daughters and vice versa. A national healing. Look at the port, displaced and hungry, Jesus is there already working in Russian hearts. Who will rule you Russia? Let My people decide in their hearts, and I will manifest My True Glory at your center. Her leadership will know My Name again regardless. And be allowed to turn or not.

Eastern europe is a sign right now, and western europe will be lead to follow or not. Just as western europe has assumed leadership in the past, i will put My light or highlight eastern europe as a model and teacher, until the west turns. Learn from your eastern parts as they turn and humble themselves and shine again morally, recalling for you, your foundations in boldness, and humble yourself western europe, and then you may be allowed to lead again.

Germany, My Arm and Heart. Netherlands my prophetic teacher—stand and teach, you are not too eccentric and are loud for a reason, for My Purposes. Come to the table and interpret europe to itself. In kindness, you are gladly received and invited, as is Germany. The heart of Germany will also be repaired, and integrated once more to the mind and arm. Put back together she will for the first time both mother and father others. Not just father. Her heart will know my gentleness towards herself and others, and her mind will decide how to minister and administer from My Heart. She must receive more fully both My Heart and My Thoughts and value both in order to reach her fullest destiny in Him. The heart will restore proper pacing of implementation of the mind parts. Love will govern both and cause Wisdom to manifest outwards. Be kind to yourself and receive more fully My Love into your hearts. You are more than welcomed, you are needed at My Banquet table. Come as you are, and I will make you what you will be in Me.

Belgium, my friend in kind conversation I come to you, curious friend.
Sweden, revival, but first in Finland. Denmark be willing to release your resources for the good of the whole. Iceland, my gem, purify your ways, and I will melt your hearts into gold for the nations. Be a beacon, i Myself directly beckon you to come. But you must become thirsty beforehand. Hunger and you will know Me. I am nearby.

Sweden, also, watch your waters. Put watchmen there. Beware. I see that many of your towers are vacant. I call forth your nation’s prayer watchpeople to take their post, and even if one is not yours but abandoned to sit on it until someone comes. I, Derek, have sat on several myself and been shocked by how few were occupied. And by what I saw in her waters. I call forth my prophetic friends to take their post along Sweden’s shorelines. Listen through the fig until you hear clear bells and see distant but approaching lights. There are markers and many other things in your waters. Signs of right now, and things to shortly come. Be on the look out!

Look at the vacant space in europe to read her.

Vagrant, vacuous, seemingly vacant spaces across europe, these will show you here needs wants and desires. Learn to read these abandoned spaces to see what is coming over the urban centers. Outside of Prague for instance, in the country, revivals are kindled which will add to what God is already doing along her river in the city center. Her river is being purified of death through baptisms, but much is happening upstream. I see revivals among youth who get ignited with His Heart for her city. They will work like airfreshners throughout the city cleansing much unseen corruption and false alliances from the past.

Parts of eastern europe: specifically of Prague:

Secrecy will be truly turned to mysteries of God. The hiddenness of man, will be turned to hidden “in Christ”, and a city of deep transformative vision and holy exchange, of new ideas previously hidden to other parts of Europe. Allow revival in, fully. Work as one, and your conversations in Him will turn around the heart of europe. What happens in the unseen inner place, will alter and transform all of europe, for there will be a moral transformation starting in the heart.

And He Himself will veil your inner heart in protection and peace, and cleanse any false veils of self protection, as He enters the secret place in you mystic scribe, poet, teacher, and inner transformer of europe. Allow His deeper work within. Once healed, you will model healing and integrative processes for Europe as a whole. Truth speaker, you are.

Europe, you are My idea, turn your hearts to me, and you will recall yourself. I will take away your amnesia which the new worlds are just beginning to swagger from! (America, for instance is in confusion, leadership crisis and near insanity) Learn now, as you are in this identity crisis, not remembering your spiritual foundations, not wanting to mention My Name. Return and know yourself. I will form myself again in your unique contours and give you wisdom and My Love.

I will put the Light into your true new en-Lightenment. I will allow you to carry and share My Splendor again without pride, and in vision, and specific wisdom of how to apply your skills in service and in true Royalty. Prepare yourself dear woman, for your Groom is nearby! Humble and cry out, I am cleansing your rivers, an preparing and entrance into your hearts first and then again in your minds. Be kind to strangers until you remember yourself again. Welcome those who also bring you comfort and respect your true heart. You were an early plant, planted in suffering. My story in you has not ended. Turn your face to me, and I will to thee lovely sorter of the nations.

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